Christina Aguilera Perfume Sold Out In Less Than A Week Thanks To Coat Hangers {Perfume Images & Ads}

A genius ambient marketing campaign organized on the guerilla mode by Mizbala Advertising Agency in Israel allowed Christina Aguilera perfume to sell out in less than a week at the national level. The advertisers using the naughty-sounding tag line "Sometimes it's all you need to wear" of the original commercial subverted it by using sedate coat hangers instead with a sample of the perfume attached to those to entice passers-by. The coat hangers became like an obsessive refrain seen everywhere and that was then repercuted in the media...

I guess it was their way of turning a minus into a plus as apparently a more modest campaign was needed to air in Israel. In the original ad, Christina Aguilera is in a négligé and bares her back on which a tattoo grows.

You can watch the video of the campaign here,


Via Adrants

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  1. Why should she be modest? I do hate these prejudices which force women into being decent etc.

    Mina Jade

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