CPL Aromas Has Introduced a Range of 100% Organic Fragrance Ingredients {Fragrance News} {Green Products}

CPL Aromas is anticipating the growth of the organic green market and wants to participate in it.  They have now launched a collection of organic (not just natural) raw materials which were available beforehand but were deemed not sustainable to introduce commercially. One caveat though at this point: the fine-fragrance market as we know it today will probably be not as interested in them as the personal-care market due to its increasingly sophisticated reliance on synthetically designed molecules ...

"The CPL Aroma range is suitable for both the development of personal care and fine fragrances, although the company expects more interest from the former.

"Fine fragrances need a level of sophistication that is more difficult to provide from the range of organic essential oils available to us," he said.

Having said that the company will continue to develop the range, and, depending on the raw materials available, the suitability for more sophisticated fine fragrances may grow."

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