DSquared2 He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood (2009) {New Perfume}

DSquared2 will launch its third fragrance in March 2009 following He Wood (2007) and She Wood (2008). Called He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood, the new scent belongs to the "Nature Always Wins" collection and was inspired by the Canadian Rockies. The perfume aims to win over nature lovers with its natural wood frame (each bottle is uniquely framed) and its olfactory structure which includes "rocky notes, mountain notes and wood notes"...

To be a bit more specific, "The rocky notes include mineral amber, incense and musk, while the mountain notes feature violet, Canadian lily and white pepper. Vetiver and cedar wood complete the composition."

Like their first masculine, He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood is billed as a "woody vetiver" and was entrusted to the same perfumer who composed the two first DSquared2 perfumes, Daphné Bugey of Firmenich (Kenzo Amour & Kenzo Amour Indian Holi (with Olivier Cresp), Le Labo Neroli 36, Bergamote 22, Rose 31, Issey Miyake L'Eau Une Goutte Sur Un Nuage...)

One cannot but be struck by the consistency of designers Dean and Dan Caten's olfactory preferences and tastes as the portfolio revolves exclusively around woody perfumes which seem to prolong each others (She Wood was directly inspired by He Wood and Rocky is a woody-vetiver like He Wood). It is also completely consistent with the DSquared2 symbolic.

Via The Moodie Report

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  1. This is women or men? love the packaging!

  2. That no-one recognizes the irony of naming this perfume "wood" as in "drawing wood" is beyond me... ;)

  3. The Perfect!!!
    This is the best men fragrance! It's luxury, fresh, love, passion!

    • Congrats on finding the one!

      Chant Wagner

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