Guerlain Have Revamped Their Website {Fragrance News} {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Guerlain-Website.jpgI am so glad. Guerlain have finally revamped their website! I used to visit it episodically wishing each time to see some improvement, then ceased frequenting it because it was not very practical, and now it's happened. I could not quite understand why in the context of luxury brands proposing sophisticated websites, why on earth Guerlain seemed not to care about their online presence.

The previous website was very static merely acting as a catalogue, not even a comprehensive one at that. Things have changed as you can see by visiting the new destination (in French, English, Japanese and Chinese) at Guerlain.

The site looks stylish. It offers information even about their exclusive niche fragrance lines; they give a number of perfume-applying tips, perfume workshop information, fragrance consultations, historical outlines on their creators, associated artists, raw materials etc. You can even register to have your own space there and receive advance notices about new releases. It's still not an e-commerce site though...

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  1. I was so excited about the news and visited the site but - helas - the English part looks suspiciously familiar... French part is fabulous though.

    • I just went more in-depth into the English site. You're right. But it still looks better than the old French site I am familiar with! But agree, it's the French website that got the fancy revamping and rethinking.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I visited the site and like this

    Niktaris Dimitris
    • Yes, it's nice

      Chant Wagner
  3. I too felt this way with Guerlain I often wondered why they didn't update the site.I am glad to see that they have made so great progress.I think that a good site is so important for us perfume lovers because we often need information and seek updates on new releases.I think Thierry Mugler was always very good with this.I hope this is a sign of better things to come.


    • Yes, it's an improvement indeed. I too thought about Thierry Mugler when I saw that Guerlain were trying to interact more closely with their clientele. Mugler have been very proactive and successful in establishing an affective link with customers through workshops and internet real-estate allocation. But I think that for Guerlain the context is different also since they interact with customers through their free-standing and in-store boutiques.

      Chant Wagner

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