Halle Berry & Ellen de Generes Demonstrate Perfume Showmanship {Fragrance Images & Ads} {Celebrity Perfume}

It's kind of silly, but it happened. Halle Berry went on the Ellen de Generes' TV show to promote her new perfume Halle. What happens next is not your usual style of perfume advertising although Letterman came up with the idea before: De Generes uncorks the bottle of Halle and pours it into glasses then takes a swig. Halle Berry follows and not wanting to come across as, ahem, not-fully-standing-behind-her-product even drinks her Halle-on-the-Rocks bottoms up.

Don't try this at home kids, you might get hurt.

The perfume segment starts at 5 mn or so and lasts about 2 mn (more perfume bites towards the end).

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