Jacques Polge & His Apartment Featured in Atmospheres {Fragrant Reading}

Atmosphères has an article about Jacques Polge the in-house perfumer for Chanel this April, and what is less commonly done, his apartment, in their Deco section. A perfumer renowned for his discretion, he has nevertheless taken the risk to open the doors of his abode located on the left bank, "...in a Parisian arrondissement bearing the lucky number [Editor's note: 5]" as the magazine puts it...

The decoration style is both intellectual and artistic as the place is filled with art works and books. Polge says that he is much more interested in paintings, drawings and books than in furniture, perhaps a failing of his, he muses.

What I found interesting is his antithetic stance to Coco Chanel's own tastes as expressed in her apartment located 31, rue Cambon. She loved to display rich, ormolu-type gildings; brown is a dominant color there. Polge has said that in the past that he was directly inspired by the spirit of the Grande Mademoiselle for the creation of the perfume Coco. But as for himself he confesses here to no liking a style that is too rich in appearance and furthermore to not liking brown along the same idea that it feels rich.

The dominant palette in his own place is a colorful mix of purples, corals, linden green, whites, and...beige.

This last color is at least one shade he personally seems to appreciate as much as Coco Chanel. His dining room is bathed in beige light thanks to the blond woods of its walls, table, and rope chairs and his many framed penciled artworks diffuse the soft beige glow of old paper discreetly lit by golden frames.

The illustrated reportage is in the April 2009 issue of Atmosphères.

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