L'Artisan Parfumeur Cote d'Amour: Ecocert Certified (2009) {New Perfume} {Green Products}

L'Artisan Parfumeur is going to release their second very green and eco-conscious scent following Jatamansi last year. Like the first scent in the series, it is Ecocert Certified and Cosmebio labeled.

The new jus is called Côte d'Amour in reference to the coastal area defined as "... the coast west of Nantes and just south of Guérand, that runs north of the Loire estuary from St Nazaire to le Croisic."

The composition is by perfumer Céline Ellena who last year introduced a fragrance called Sublime Balkiss for another niche perfume house of which she is the nose-in-title, The Different Company. I mention that other scent as I see a common point between the two perfumes as both hold a reference to the wind, misty air, and external elements, albeit Côte d'Amour appears a priori more solar and drier...

"A trip along the Loire Atlantique coast was the inspiration of Côte d'Amour, an Eau de Toilette created by Celine Ellenas to delight the senses: a soft caress of sea air and sand, of scents of golden yellow gorse, heather and broom, a sensual mixture of soft resin and floatwood ... Reminiscent of sandcastles, shell collecting along the beach and riding your bike against the wind. Memories of childhood and holidays. Lazy, relaxing days."

About the rest of the line which also comprises a Natural Nourishing Cream and Natural Soothing Soap based on spirulina:

"The heart of its [the cream's - Ed] formula is a very special blue green micro seaweed, one of the richest and purest of all: spirulina. Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis) appeared 2 billion years ago, transforming sunlight into cellular energy to produce oxygen, and was the origin of the earth's atmosphere, and life on Earth.This fresh water seaweed, enriched with the seawater of the Guerande Peninsula, is a concentration of an enormous amount of ingredients, all highly beneficial for the organism (essential amino acids, proteins, glucids and lipids, minerals and oligo elements, vitamins, pro-vitamin A, vitamins B12, E..) Such profusion makes spirulina an exceptionally rich ingredient, which stimulates the skin's natural defenses and helps fight free radicals and oxidation, both responsible for the ageing of the skin."

All three products will be available from June 2009 in the US market. Here is the price list:

Côte d'Amour, Eau de Toilette 250 ml, $ 155; Côte d'Amour, Natural Nourishing Cream  50 ml, $ 50; Côte d'Amour, Natural Soothing Soap 100 gr, $ 35.

Sources: L'Artisan Parfumeur press release; francethisway.com

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