Chanel No5 The Movie Available Now {Scented Images}

No more waiting. Despite the fact that the official date for the launch of the Chanel No5 film is tomorrow May the 5th, it's already available at the following link:

I just watched both the 2' 20" version and the 60" version. My preference goes to the short version which I find much more effective at suggesting the olfactory power of a perfume. You get the message much more efficiently with fewer distractions. The shorter film focuses more exclusively on the emotions triggered by the scent of Chanel No5. You immediately pan to the scent trembling in the flacon, no doubt, of longing and passion. The theme of the movie was seduction through scent and this captures it well. The song is Billie Holiday's I'm a Fool to Want You.

The film is a more internalized version of what Chanel no5 can do for you. The Baz Luhrmann ad with Nicole Kidman was more about show, glamor and celeb culture and ultimately less romantic and sentimental. The concept has evolved from a one-night stand kind of attraction to one that can be described by the promising French expression et plus si affinités... 

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