Chanel No 5 with Tautou: The Making of and the Interview: Teasers, Teasers Part 2 {Scented Images}

Leading up to the new Chanel No5 film, here is the making of. Commentary is in French. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet explains that he proposed Tatou to Chanel due to her expressive acting and in particular her ability to convey emotions and meaning with just her eyes. For example, when the character played by Tatou arrives at the train station and does not see her love interest, she has to express all these nuances of expectation and disappointment intelligibly in a second and half versus 10 seconds in a feature movie. Jeunet said that "he knew her eyes".

After the jump, a video interview with Audrey Tautou...

In this interview, Tautou talks about the myth that is Chanel No.5, the heritage it represents, this idea that it has been (a moment of hesitation) "worn" by women for decades and decades. When asked about how she feels about the actresses that have preceded her to represent the fragrance, she answers that she thinks more of the perfume itself or even of Coco than of "these great actresses". She also thought that her interpretation of Coco Chanel in the Anne Fontaine movie is something completely separate from her work for this commercial. She recognizes however that there is a parallel between the off-the-chart personality of Coco Chanel and the extraordinary career of the perfume she helped create and that doing the commercial made her realize the unique character of both even more. Oops, just realized there are English subtitles. Well, you'll stll get my little summary as an extra bonus. 

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  1. very beautiful film
    bravo chanel !
    thanks for these precious informations

    sylvaine delacourte
    • You are very welcome. Yes, it is a beautiful romantic ad.

      Chant Wagner

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