Guerlain 01 Paris-Moscou, 02 Paris-New York, 03 Paris-Tokyo (2009) {New Perfumes}

Guerlain is preparing to launch a new trio of perfumes in May 2009 inspired by three cultural capital cities seen from the perspective of the one that was part of Guerlain's history, Paris: Paris-Moscou, Paris-New York, Paris-Tokyo. The perfumes mean to illustrate a particular stroll taken through each city with a number of highlights and pauses. Each composition also wants to capture the general atmosphere of some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Gourmand notes are usually noted as giving a characteristic inflection to fragrances and in this case one can notices a theme of gourmandise and delectation running throughout the three perfumes. But since Guerlain is making such a regular use of gourmand touches in their perfumes lately one is tempted to perhaps see a movement to make those notes appear banal and voided of their singularity rather than to put an overt focus on those.

Paris-Moscou is about a changing city which has emerged from the Soviet period to reveal the traditional Russian love of riches and sumptuous ceremonials of life. The scent is described as a musky, fruity and woody composition... 

Its main notes are white musk, tonka bean, vanilla, bergamot, redcurrant, absinthe, sparkling lemon, plum, pine needles.

Paris-New York is about the city of excess and ambitions as high as the skyscrapers that dot its landscape, as well as the richness of its melting-pot experience.

Described as a woody oriental, the perfume seizes that moment on the eve of Christmas in the heart of Manhattan "...when children dream of Christmas pudding." Main notes are: vanilla, cinnamon, cedar, cardamom, bergamot.

Paris-Tokyo is seen as "the place of ultimate modernity," a city where architects officiate like nowhere else to accommodate its teeming humanity. The result is like a puzzle, one of cities within cities.

Described as a green floral, the fragrance offers main notes of jasmine, violet, Hinoki cedar, green tea bubble and jasmine.

Each 250 ml perfume bottle is priced at 157 €, or about US $ 208 at current exchange rate.

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  1. Dang; They couldn't offer something half the size for half the price?


    • Some brands have decided to be Recession-friendly but Guerlain seems to be following the luxury path as ever and even more than in the past. In fact, one could argue that Guerlain has defended the idea of affordable luxury for the longest time but that they now use three different speeds: affordable luxury, luxury, and super luxury.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Absolutely insane sizes/pricing - & why can't they sell a sampler set of minis of all three so we could actually afford to try these?


    • I think they are not interested in making them affordable. Having said that, I have to say that the prices are less shocking in the Euro context than when translated into US $. Most of the fragrance prices I have seen in the US market are kept lower than in the European market for the same perfumes.

      Chant Wagner
  3. Doesn't Guerlain know that New Yorkers—even Americans—don't dream about "Christmas pudding"? That is very odd ad copy for a city built by immigrants on a foundation laid by Dutch. Maybe that text should accompany the Paris-London scent...

    Laura M
    • You have a point there. I somehow billed it to the cosmopolitan aspect of NYC. I was also thinking about New England Indian pudding I guess, but, yes, I'm not sure that New Yorkers dream collectively about Christmas pudding as the surest bet of a dream Yule dessert. Having said that, Parfumerie Générale Crime Exotique smells quite a bit like a spicy pudding and it made me think of Thanksgiving.

      And you're right, a Christmas pudding scent is much more one I would associate with London. But at the same time I have to say that spicy gourmand scents that accompany the fall season are very American, if not just New York, and permeate the air much more than in London. With all the pastries, candles, room sprays that smell of warm spicy mixes...maybe a cinnamon-y apple pie or pumpkin pie would have been more appropriate :)

      Chant Wagner
  4. your are the first blog to talk about these new fragrances!

    sylvaine delacourte

    • I haven't found the time to review them yet, but I am interested in the "sophisticated gourmand" or the "evolved gourmand" direction Guerlain perfumes are taking and I am wondering where those fit in.

      Chant Wagner
  5. I am looking for the scented candle line from Guerlain. One is called the russian winter, amazing! Where can I get one? thanks :-}

    Peggy McKay

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