Paris Hilton Siren Teaser 2, Parfums 137 Hollywood Stromboli 1950 {New Fragrances - News Bites}

• Following up on Paris Hilton Teaser # 1, here is PH Teaser # 2. We can now reveal that...drum roll please...the next perfume by Paris Hilton, Siren, is a "creamy tropical floral" to be released in "June-July" (via press release)...

Parfums 137 after releasing last year their debut coffret Nara 1869 which applies the concept 1 story, 3 essences and 7 perfumes (you are invited to layer the scents) have come up with a very different atmosphere this time with a Hollywood Stromboli 1950. The 3 scents housed in test tubes and to be combined are: spearmint, immortal and myrtle. Available at Le Bon Marché (via Argus Panoptes).

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  1. Paris new fragrance a creamy tropical floral.How original.LOL But, you know what this will be popular too.I was just out visiting the shops here in Sweden.And I see Paris Hilton original is still so popular.So, I know this will sell here too.But, it does seem like every few months there is a new fragrance from her she must be making a killing off of this.


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