Paris Hilton's Next Perfume Baby is Called Siren {Fragrance News - News Bites}

Paris-Hilton-red-dress-B.jpgParis Hilton is now from all available evidence the darling of the celebrity fragrance world. She is going to take home a FiFi celeb of the year award, as previously posted about. Parlux is moreover thanking her with a 5-year renewal contract.

We just learned that her next baby is called Siren, a logical step after Fairy Dust. The next one after that could be called Nymph or Enchanteress or Sorceress or Vamp -- oh, the endless possibilities! We think that Paris is going to be able to take a long-view approach now to cover all the feminine repertory of archetypes.

So far, the news have been confirmed but mum is the word. You will have to wait a bit before getting loud and clear details about Siren. Stay tuned...

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