Hilary Duff Fragrance Giveaway & Guest Appearance on Law & Order: SUV April 28th, 2009

The Hilary Duff people want to call your attention to the guest appearance of Hilary Duff on the Law and Order: SVU show tomorrow on Tuesday April 28th, 2009. So in support of this shoutout, they are offering free giveaways of 6 Hilary Duff perfume gift sets to the The Scented Salamander readers: 4 of the spring gift set of Wrapped with Love and 2 of With Love.

You just need to leave a comment below to express your interest. Winning entries will be picked by a random number generator. In order for me to not let this slip our of my mind I will accept entries until Thursday April 30th. The winners will be announced on May 1st. International readers welcome.

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  1. Are international readers eligible or is shipping only within the US?

    • Good question -- let me ask and I'll get back to you.


      Chant Wagner
    • Okay Gia,

      We're going to do an international giveaway this time. So, you can participate, no problem.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I would love to be entered in the draw! Thanks so much!!!

    • You're welcome!

      Chant Wagner
  3. I have the wrapped with love fragrance and I just love it! I bet "with love" is just as great! Count me in :)

    • Putting on my perfume-blogger cap, I would say that With Love is one of the better celebrity fragrances :)

      Chant Wagner
  4. Thanks so much !! I would love to be entered in the draw! I agree With Love is one of the best celeb fragrances, I used up an entire bottle last year and would love the Wrapped With Love, I was wondering why this one was harder to find, have never seen it in Europe.

    P.S. I love your blog, I have been reading it for months, but never posted comments. Will post more from now on :o)

    • Not a problem and you're fine. I am not the best comment-responder either, and this is kind of an understatement :) I must be spending too much time on the post themselves or the background process, oh and did I mention that? I do have a life too ;)

      Chant Wagner
  5. Sorry forgot to ask, how does it usually go with give aways? Long shot here, but in case it turns out I'm one of the winners (never won anything in my life, but haven't abandoned hope yet LOL), what do I do? Do I contact you with my details?

    • I will announce the winners and if I see your email address, I'll contact you. Otherwise, you can also just check back on May the 1st and you can contact me to claim your prize, should you win. Either way is fine.

      Chant Wagner
  6. I want the pink bottle:) I tested it a while back and enjoyed the spring happy fragrance it has.

  7. I tried With Love awhile ago and I was impressed with the scent (unlike most of other celeb scents)- it is truly an original creation! I would love to be considered for either:) Thanks so much! and i love reading your blog, btw.

    • Thanks Anna! Come to think of it I realized that With Love has this woodsy drydown that was much advertised as new in the mainstream market for women's fragrances when Sensuous came out last year. It is fruity too and I thought it was a nice combo that managed to be lighthearted yet wearable by women over 30 :)

      Chant Wagner
  8. The Hilary Duff fragrances are very nice and I am surprised that they have been reduced in price here to 19.99 for 30ml sprays. I enjoyed the Wrapped with Love scent as it was a bit more tropical in nature than the original scent!

    • Wrapped with Love I smelled very quickly and casually, but yes, I remember that tropical feel. Tropical scents can be great! Now, that's a nice theme for a summer-fragrance post ;)

      Chant Wagner
  9. I like both With Love and Wrapped with Love.I have seen Wrapped with Love here in Sweden but, the testers are always empty.It must be very popular.With Love is not so popular here SA told me once that Swedish women favor florals.I think these Hillary Duff fragrances are much better than alot of these other celebrity fragrances althought I adore the SJP ones.
    I read this blog every day and I really love it. I will certainly be posting more from now on.

    • Thanks Audrey! It's nice to get a perfume postcard from Sweden.

      I have to say too that some fragrance testers seem very eloquent. Some are always dry!

      Chant Wagner
  10. Please enter me in the drawing.

    • You're in Maitreyi1978!

      Chant Wagner
  11. I'd love to try this!

    • You're in Rebecca!

      Chant Wagner
  12. I really love the wrapped with love perfume... I tried it so many times but haven't got the chance to buy it... It will be really great if i can get one as a gift... Besides.. I always open your blog to check out the new perfumes in stores and to read their reviews...Good luck on your career hilary... I must say i love your perfumes so much.. From the bottle to the juice inside... They're the best...

  13. This would be my first celebrity fragrance. I'd be happy to have a chance to win: Thanks!
    Laura M

    Laura M

    • Laura M, I'm shocked to learn you never tried a celebrity fragrance :) You're in!

      Chant Wagner
  14. I'm definitely interested. I could use a full size fragrance seeming how frugal I've been these days surviving on samples.
    Thank you.

  15. Hallo, I would like to be entered in the drawing, many thanks!

  16. Can never say no to Hilary Duff! ;0 Count me in please!

    Juan Garcia
  17. Hi, I would be very glad if you enter me in the drawing. Thank you!

  18. I love Hilary and her perfumes, they smell so fresh and pure! I would love to win this of course! So nice of you to do mak that contest!

    Hugo Ouellet
  19. I just saw her on Ghost Whisperer as a guest. Would love to try her fragrance.

    Regina Sanders
  20. i love love love love love hilarys with love and wrapped with love. never in a million yrs did i think i would love a sweet tropical fruity fragrance like wrapped with love more then the milky woody amber fragrance of with love but i do. i really do. with love is probably one of the best celeb scents out there and wrapped with love is just one of the most fun fruity florals out there. both are well done and i hope 2 win! thanks!

    jay r.
  21. Please enter me in the draw, would like to get Wrapped With Love, sounds up my alley :)

  22. Count my family in here! love to smell good!

    carla Pullum
  23. I love Hillary Duff as an actress and i love Law and Order SVU too!

  24. Cool. I'll be watching Law & Order SUV for Hilary Duff's appearance tonight. I have a small bottle of With Love, it's yummy! I haven't tried Wrapped with Love yet, hope to win that one. Thanks for posting another great giveaway!

    Paddington Bear
  25. would love to try Hilary's fragrance!

    Tina Renee
  26. I adore Hillary Duff's With Love and I'd love to try her new scent as well!


    Xuxa Sanders
  27. Great giveaway! I've seen Ms. Duff's scents advertised but have never tried!!

  28. Yess, put me in :)
    I need some new perfume and this one sounds loverly :D

    Alanaaa ♥
  29. I'm very interested and would love to win - crossing my fingers! Thanks for the opportunity!

    seduisante76 at yahoo dot com

  30. Please enter me in the drawing! I've been looking for a casual spring perfume and either of these sounds perfect.

    Ninara Poll
  31. I know I would love Hilary's fragrances and May 1 is my birthday!! Come on karma!!!

  32. Hilary Duff is a class act and I love her perfume! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    • You're welcome all! Wow, she really is loved, Hilary!

      Chant Wagner
  33. What an incredible giveaway! Someone's going to be so lucky!

  34. Can I still enter? I want to try a new scent!!

    • Yes, you can enter until I announce the winners on the blog on May 1st.

      Chant Wagner
  35. Hi! I'm a recessionista looking for a new scent so please throw my name in the pot! Thank you.

    Deanna Corpening
  36. This is great,i am a huge Hilary fan and i would like to participate too for the pink one.

  37. I'm not familiar with these scents but I'd love to try them.

    Jacinda Stamey
  38. I'm also a big Hilary Duff fan and would like to enter.

  39. How generous of you!
    Thanks for offering us this chance.

  40. I love WITH LOVE ! I only find it abroad , unfortunately


    • Yes, I like it too. Fortunately, it's available online. You can smell even more special in Italy :)

      Chant Wagner

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