Travel with the Scent of Home Sweet Home {The 5th Sense in the News}

bathroom-fragrance-home-B.jpgInteresting concept. You can now create your own olfactory bubble while away from home. A booking site for hotel rooms proposes a service that allows customers to travel with a bottled scent of their most familiar surroundings. It can involve the scents of lilies, roast meat, spicy cuisine... but, please, no whiff of cat's litter (Editor's note: well, actually, lilies do smell like cat's litter at some point in their olfactory evolution).

It is not clear how practical the implementation of the idea is, or how truly desirable, but apparently, it's not a spoof.

Perhaps the service will be best appreciated by frequent travelers rather than people who want to explore the planet, with their noses too.

"Holiday firm has created travel kits which include a fragrance that replicates the smell of customers' houses.

There is also an mp3 player to hear the sounds of family life, a selection of favourite refreshments and a pillowcase smelling of their washing powder."


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