When Perfume Becomes Political: The Yukos Fragrance Project {The 5th Sense in the News}

Yukos-perfume.jpgA Russian businessman wants to put some glamor back into the Yukos name which has become synonymous with financial scandal. What better idea but to establish it as a perfume trademark and use the anticipated perfume as a political vote bulletin in support of ex-billionnaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky? "Only in Russia", one might say...

The Yukos project is avowedly political and avowedly "niche" at the same as it is not seen in priority to be a money-making device. Right now it is Rosneft' the government integrated oil company that owns the trademark which it bought 2 years ago when it was auctioned off. A Russian perfume expert warns that it does not make any particular business sense especially since customers now select perfumes based on the smell itself rather than the name of the fragrance.

Kate Moss did suspect earlier on that there is a future for gasoline-based fine fragrances. Aesthets and politicians might come to an agreement in the end. But that is really besides the point here as for Mikhail Sannikov the meaning of this action lies essentially in its symbolism.

"Mikhail Sannikov, owner of the Sunny perfumeries production, wants to use the green and yellow triangle with the word YUKOS as the trademark for perfumes and at the same time express his solidarity with the jailed Yukos owner, former billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky. [...]

The main aim of the Yukos brand launch is to declare its owner's political position: according to Sannikov, the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a major negative influence on the business climate of Russia."

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