Calvin Klein CK One Collector: The Ecological Edition (Summer 2009) {Fragrance News - New Packaging}

Attention perfume bottle collectors and greens! Calvin Klein will release a special edition of CK One this summer which is part of an ecological initiative conducted together with the association Planète Urgence....

For each flacon bought a tree will be planted and the benefits will be used towards a reforestation project as well as the protection of vulnerable populations.

The bottle was designed by Fabien Baron. It represents a chain of young people lock-stepped in solidarity. It also looks like two of the people, a boy and a girl were depicted bare-chested, which is making me guess that the bottle will not be marketed in the US. It's an interesting symbolic touch to stress the unisex character of the fragrance.

The limited edition will be exclusively available at Sephora from July 15th 2009. The collector is priced at 44€.

Via Glamour Paris

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