Valentino Rock 'n Dreams (2009): Now Dreaming about Myrrhone {New Perfume - New Flanker}

Valentino has introduced the 4th perfume in the Rock 'n collection which started with Rock 'n Rose and was followed by Rock 'n Rose Couture and Rock 'n Rose Prêt-à-Porter. The latest fragrance is called Rock 'n Dreams and is described as being "oriental, woody and distinctive, with a soft, delicate character."...
What is also becoming less and less of a rarity these days is to see perfume copies listing synthetic molecules like prized objects instead of singing a lyrical rural ballad in which flowers and herbs grow all over an agrestic landscape. The composition is said to feature a "captive", the molecule Myrrhone, "which gives the fragrance a lasting appeal, with a deliciously sweet, musky veil." It is a molecule exclusive to fragrance company Firmenich which is derived from both myrrh and iris.

Procter and Gamble senior perfumer Will Andrews commented that perfumers are becoming more and more attracted to these innovative molecules "as perfumers become bored with what is naturally available."

The perfume targets younger women. Top notes are peach, cinnamon; heart is Myrrhone; base is Myrrhone, woods and vanilla.

It is available at Harrods £53 for a 90 ml of Eau de Parfum.

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  1. I absolutely love this perfume, I received a free sample the other and fell in love immediately, I can't stop smelling it lol.

    I can't wait to get the bottle (the biggest of course)

  2. Really happy you love it Rosie - the creation team does as well. Just for the record - I'm a senior fragrance Evaluator in the creation team, not a senior perfumer! The perfumers are creating the new, conceptual scent ideas and the evaluators review their work. Both groups are essential to the perfume design process. As we've discussed before, the team approach is vital with respect to harnessing individual expertise and talent. It includes perfumers, evaluators, chemists, quality control expertise, amongst others. All of these people bring beautiful fragrances to life. Myrrhone is a really special, unique ingredient, which inspired the perfumer enormously. The resulting complex fragrance builds on the facetted character of the Myrrhone - the Myrrh note and the Irone (which is key in Iris/Orris and Violet), which make it a pivotal ingredient to the fragrance character. We hope wearers will love this character as much as us! Will

    Will Andrews
  3. i'vo bought it today and i rly looooove this smel!

  4. It is wonderful and amazing smell. Thank you very much. I am getting crazy because of this smell :) wow wow and again wow :)


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