Jimmy Choo at H & M Come November 2009: For Men & Women - Sneak Peek {Fashion Notes}

jimmy-choo-H&M-B.jpgShoes from the Jimmy Choo collection for H & M, photo © Magnus Magnusson

Jimmy Choo will be the next designer invited by H & M to create an exclusive collection for the store chain it was announced yesterday. His collection debuts November 14, 2009 and will be featured in 200 boutiques worldwide...

For H & M it is the first time that an accessories fashion creator partners with the brand. The Jimmy Choo collection will concentrate on bags, shoes, but also venture into clothing design. Another noteworthy twist is that men will be honored as well with a masculine collection of shoes, bags and accessories.

God, it's going to be even harder to get to the racks (although not for the same items)! Better muscle up.

Via FashionMag.fr

There was talk of a Jimmy Choo perfume to be launched this spring, back in 2007 but it does not seem that the news have been confirmed.

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