M.A.C Creations Hue Naked Honey, Africanimal (2009) {New Perfumes}

Naked-Honey-Mac-4.jpg"Bees do it...now MAC does it." Naked Honey and Africanimal are the two latest scents by the cosmetics brand and both are riffs on the sweet or not-so-sweet honey theme as each possibility was kept in the duo. Both are ephemeral limited-editions created to match the hues and moods of the color collection Naked Honey. And we know how those MAC makeup collections arrive and leave in a whirlwind...
In a market flooded by sugary concoctions, turning to honey is a nice, welcome twist.

Naked Honey is "An aromatic journey that traces honey's fragrant heart back to summer's sweetest blooms. Energy starts to buzz, spirits soar, light floral and woodsy notes float toward an electric finale. Sweet and sexy all the way. Limited edition."

Africanimal is "A scent that starts with a honey-ness that's seductive and given its dash of pepper, not without spice. Add a dark kiss of bergamot and wood, and an aromatic orgy breaks out to create a scent that's all-honey but far from sweet."

A 20 ml bottle is priced at $25.

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