Michael Kors Fragrance Leg Shine Collection (2009) {Shopping Tip} {Fragrance News}

Michael-Kors-Leg-Shine.jpgInteresting new way to perfume yourself. Michael Kors has launched a collection of tinted solid creams to be applied onto your legs perfumed with the signature Michael Kors fragrance, a heady and clean tuberose scent.

From a purely olfactory point of view, there is some virtue in wearing your fragrance on your legs as the scent will waft up towards you. In fact, the pulse spot behind your knees is one that you are often advised to use, as well as ankles just so as to sexy them up. If you can add some shimmer to your gams at the same time, it is all benefit to you...

From a color standpoint it allows you to have a tanned look without going to the beach (say you are stuck in the city) and without having to use a lasting tanning treatment. You can change your leg tint as you would for stockings.

"Glide Michael Kors Leg Shine along legs, knees and ankles for a sleek, sexy shimmer that makes bare legs look healthy and glowing. Infused with a lush signature fragrance and packaged in a convenient twist-up canister, this easy-to-use product is also lightly tinted to even out imperfections.

Now you can experience the luxury of the Leg Shine Collection in three glamorous shades: classic, shimmer and bronze. Leave legs shimmering, sleek and chic--no sun required. Apply each shade individually, or for a custom glow all your own, blend them together for an unbelievably sexy look."

A stick of Leg Shine is priced at $32 and available at Neiman Marcus

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