Awful Plastic Surgery: Why, oh Why?

After having perused the website Awful Plastic Surgery which keeps track of all the botched plastic surgeries undergone by celebs, you have to throw up your arms in the air and ask: "Why, oh why?". The most heartbreaking examples are those of people who were naturally good-looking but then decided through a singular, sick distortion of their minds to become ugly through surgery. They apparently think, the poor things, that they look better or maybe their entourage tells them so. Something along the lines of "you've got the right freakish look that will show you're a real Hollywood sophisticate plus nobody is going to be jealous of you anymore so hey, less competition!"

The example of Nikki Cox was a shocker for me, who turned from angelic-faced to banal Hollywood look casualty.

Then I got sick and tired of the trout lip, the linker sausage lip, the pillow lip, the clown lips. Those mouths just look ungodly, like old-fashioned buoys, the bigger, the better...


Talk about ostentatious plastic surgery and competitive beauty pageantry of sorts. The case of Maria Geronazzo is tragic, only she does not know it,

I mean, who are the irresponsible surgeons who let this kind of thing happen?

Recommended reading, especially for teenage girls who are more vulnerable about their body images, because it just shows how professional beauties resort to the knife, needle (and photoshop) to enhance their looks. It is all about a fabricated appearance. It also looks risky, unhealthy and downright mentally unstable.

It is scary to see how our society is afraid to age and while trying to look eternally young, starts promoting the looks of sad aliens.

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