Jean Patou's Website: Worthy Visit {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Jean Patou offers the opportunity for one of the nicest perfume promenades to be taken on the internet. Their website takes a historic perspective on the itinerary of the brand. The design is trailed with flowers on which you click to access more information. A host of historic pictures gives flesh to a name that has graced the bottles of Joy, 1000, Sira des Indes, Normandie, Vacances and so many more, some which are utterly forgotten like the cocktail range: Cocktail Dry, Cocktail Sweet, Cocktail Bitter Sweet. They were modern enough to be the initiators of the early sun tan oil and "beach fragrance" Huile de Chaldée (1927). The house perfumers are honored with mentions and an in-house genealogy.

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