Upcoming Guerlain Perfumes {Fragrance News}

Nympheas.jpgGuerlain aficionados can expect to see several fragrances by the brand offered to their attention and proposed as new additions to their collections. Upcoming are two new Aqua Allegorias in the works under the names Flora Nymphea and Bouquet Numéro 1...

This is a slight departure from the rest of the Aqua Allegoria line which usually proposes two-note or soliflore names and a little throwback, semantically speaking at least, to an Art Nouveau atmosphere. Think Monet, think numbered bouquets made for royalty and the aristocracy.

Will Guerlain offer more poetry than is usual with these eaux created for the summer season and sometimes kept in the catalog for the most interesting, versatile, and/or popular ones of them?

Two special editions of classics from the Guerlain catalog are also planned. Men will be courted with an edition of Habit Rouge entitled Beau Cavalier (Handsome Horse Rider). Shalimar will be offered in the new guise of Oiseau de Paradis (Bird of Paradise). Without having further information at this point one can only comment that Habit Rouge has seen changes in its formulations for flankers such as for Habit de Métal (2008) or Habit Rouge Sport (2009) while Shalimar is normally preserved in its original state except for the officially more summery or daytime version Shalimar Light.

Nevertheless, one can point out that Mitsouko was recently reformulated following the model of Shalimar Light except for the fact that it was not called Mistouko Light but Mitsouko Fleur de Lotus.

Sometimes also a name referring to a classic Guerlain will be used to bottle a newish juice that is in fact a slightly amended form of yet another perfume from the catalog as in the case of Vol de Nuit Evasion being a variation of Guet-Apens/Attrape-Coeur. I know, confusing. Guerlain, it seems, likes to play hide and seek with their names and formulations and maybe they have to due to trademark constraints as was officially recognized for Mahora/Mayotte.

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  1. I still want to know where Cachet Jaune is....any word on rereleases of old classics?

    Billy D

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