Again, the Anti-Perfume Naysayers have their Say

skunk-perfume-B.jpgWell, it's not because we love perfume that we will stifle the voices of those that cannot stand it. In a new edition of why perfume sucketh in public space, you have two pieces on how perfume mingles badly with food. Yes, I myself have been guilty of making this kind of remark recently in an article about the difficulty of wearing perfume for a fragrance blogger and how it enabled me to smell food better, at times, a piteous consolation. There is a little rejoining chorus here from two foodies...

Whining and Dining says,

"What I can't tolerate is anyone wearing strong perfume or cologne to restaurants. A couple of years ago I was at The Tennesseean when an older woman walked in DOUSED with what I believe was the combination of Opium and cigarette smoke. Her table was about as far away from mine as it could be in the dining car, but it was a small space and honestly, I couldn't enjoy my wine at all--it affects the taste of wine more than food, at least for me."


Owl Meat Gravy says,

"I sense a hint of black cardamom and a touch of Madagascar vanilla and ... what is that? ... gardenia? creosote? ... Oh my god! What is happening in my mouth? Grandma Mary, are you back from Heaven? Is that ... oh, someone just strafed the room with a cloud of old lady perfume. Your Windsong stays on my, Windsong stays on my mind .. because it's coating the back of my throat and sinuses. Puh, puh, gaaaaaahhhh.
Restaurants should ban perfume and cologne. No need for a law. Simply put up a picture of a skunk with a line through it."


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