New Mariah Carey Forever Perfume Ad: She Looks Different

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Mariah Carey unveiled the new advert for her upcoming fragrance, Forever. The ad is very much photoshopped to the point where it is hard to recognize Carey. They have given her the taut face of someone who has undergone a not-so-subtle lift surgery and who on top of that is addicted to Botox. Do you think some people are getting confused about what's the in-look? Could it be that the entirely fake "surgical look" might have become a status symbol in some circles?... 
It's amazing to see how everyone is trying to achieve the same appearance as if you could all sport the same nose because someone decided after being obsessed with Barbie - a plastic doll coming out of a manufacturing line - that tiny noses with pinched nostrils ought to be glued onto everyone's face with a wallet big enough to purchase it. Mariah here looks a lot like many Hollywood types who have been under the knife.

I looked up a few of recent pictures of hers to compare the differences and see if it goes beyond a photoshop issue.

In June 09, she looked like her old self, to my eyes at least,

June 4, 2009 with husband Nick Cannon & June 29 below


But in July 09, she looks more like the Carey who is in the ad, so it's not entirely a photoshop-fabricated image.


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  1. Ads are often shot many months (sometimes even a year) before the actual release of the product.

    What looks a bit weird in the Forever ad is:
    1. She was indeed too much overphotoshopped.
    2. Mariah's face was photgraphed in a frontal way. Very usual for her, because normally she prefers to be shot showing her right profile to the camera, so to disguise the slight asymmetry of her eyes (her left eye is smaller). Paris Hilton uses the same trick.

    Anyway, now some magazines even photoshop paparazzi and redcarpet pictures of celebrities. Allure photoshops backstage images of models.

    How can people, and especially teens, have any sense of reality?

    • What would I do without you Cedric! :D You're absolutely right, pictures are taken in advance. I suppose I got influenced by this idea of a whipped-up ad campaign for Jolie/Armani. Also, when I look at Paris Hilton ads I always have the impression that they are a bit makeshift although, yes, I sometimes see them them several months in advance. I need a (real) vacation.

      Yes, I noticed that too, that the picture is taken at a curiously unflattering angle, from below too, which is not easy.

      This photoshopping movement is a real curse in my opinion and even dangerous and totally unrealistic.

      Dear teenagers that might be reading this thread, know also that for example, actors are matched with other actors that make them look good. I once remember seeing a photo of Jolie next to a pretty woman who had more delicate features that she does and she suddenly did not look the same, i.e., as good, and she knew it :) It's all very much manufactured.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Mariah Carrey is still a sexy girl. I just wonder how she maintain the shape like this

  3. Beauty/perfection sells. I once read an article in which a high percentage of people admitted they would not be drawn to buying products (especially beauty products) if the ads showed average-looking people. I do agree with you all in that the entertainment business, marketing business, technology, etc., are very much responsible for today's unrealistic expectations where looks are concerned. Even in politics. Look at Nancy Pelosi. If they stretch that woman's face once more, she'll end up with a goatee, if you get my drift.

  4. girl u are the best

    claneisha bridget
  5. She looks prettier in the other photos...The nicest shot is actually the natural, happy smile with her husband.


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