Tian Tian Pocket-Sized Air Freshener Comes in Handy When...

Tian-Tian-1.jpgInstead of pronouncing the F word, you can simply offer a 3D representation of someone passing gas on the subway or in the elevator, in one of those confined spaces from which there is sometimes no escape the second it happens...


Just use your Tian Tian pocket-sized air freshener incognito and pretend nothing happened but your mistargeting your mouth to get rid of garlic malfunction after lunch.

To convey the message that there is nothing more horrible than to not carry your Tian Tian, the latest advertising campaign for the Chinese brand depicts what kind of olfactory monsters form unsuspectingly in the air, invisible yet really globulous.

Don't these ads reveal how much we are afraid of bad odors in public spaces? The air freshener is our little weapon of choice in the combat of light against darkness.

Via Ad Freak, Adrants

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