Annick Le Guerer Quand le Parfum Portait Remede: Jardins des Cloitres, Jardins des Princes {Fragrant Readings - New Book}

Author Annick Le Guerer has published a new book on the therapeutic tradition of perfume entitled Quand le parfum portait remède: jardins des cloîtres, jardins des princes, Garde-Temps Editions, 95 p, Septembre 2009. (When perfume used to cure: cloister gardens and princely gardens).

Judging from the title, the topic of the book focuses on the gardens that were cultivated by monasteries and aristocratic courts to derive medicinal benefits from their plants. There is however, it seems, an emphasis on aromatherapy given the specialty of the author. The book is scented either thanks to a scratch-and-sniff technology or to samples (I am trying to get further details). The fragrances were created by perfumers Daniela Andrier (Givaudan) and Dominique Ropion (IFF)...

The book is the catalog of an exhibition currently taking place at the Musée Saint Antoine de l'Abbaye which started on June 14, 2009 and will carry on until November 11, 2011. The exhibit includes recreations of perfumes from the medieval period to the 19th century.

"Cette exposition temporaire propose une nouvelle approche de l'image et met en scène les débuts de la pharmacopée quand le parfum était également remède. En 2 espaces très différents, une découverte ludique, une re-création des eaux parfumées du Moyen Age au XIXème siècle, des impressions, des images fixes ou animées, des documents sonores déclenchent un intérêt particulier, une attention, des sensations nouvelles. Le décor n'est pas figé. Coproduction Editions du Garde-Temps / Musée de Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye."

The book is priced at 29 €.

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