BCBG Max Azria Within (2009) {New Perfume}

Fashion label BCBG will launch a new perfume in November 2009 called Within. It was created by American independent perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran whose scent, Light, happened to be a favorite of co-founder Lubov Azria, Max Azria's wife. So she asked the California-based nose to come up with a scent that would match and accessorize BCBG dresses. Lubov Azria said,

"I love the idea of having a woman come into a store and everything is available to her. If she is truly a BCBG customer, there is a dress for her and a perfume that finishes her look." ...

The Azria family at Fashion Week, NYC, Sept 10, 2009 (Joyce on the right)

Within has notes of apple blossom, pear and bergamot; night-blooming jasmine, honeysuckle and freesia; and sandalwood, tobacco and amber.

The tobacco note is said to bring an unexpected twist to the fragrance adding a masculine touch to a very feminine composition about which Azria herself feels very strongly, so strongly in fact that she has decided to be the face of the perfume.

Horowitz-Thran said about her creation and the woman behind it,

"She [Lubov Azria] comes off as feminine, but is visionary and is very strong as well," "To me, the fragrance is very feminine, but there is a dichotomy with the deep base note. The surprise of the base note is what makes it so interesting."


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