Kenzo Power Cologne (2009): An 18th Century Twist {New Fragrance} {New Flacon} {Men's Cologne}


Kenzo Parfums is releasing this month a new variation on Kenzo Power (2008) called Kenzo Power Cologne.

Here the term "cologne" is used in the traditional sense of an hesperidic eau as the new flanker attempts to derive inspiration from the 18th century genre by relying on a few key notes....

In particular, the notes of verbena and bergamot in the top and geranium in the middle are seen to be helping with carrying on the concept.

Kenzo Power Cologne was created by perfumer Olivier Polge, the original nose behind Kenzo Power (see my review.)

"Natural ingredients highlight this woody citrus resulting in a scent that represents simplicity, well-being and a return to nature."

Notes are: verbena, cardamom, bergamot/geranium, black pepper, coriander/tolu balm, vetiver, cedar.

To stress the fresh character of the new scent, Kenya Hara's original mirror flacon design becomes transparent.

The perfume is priced at $50 for 60 ml and $68 for 125 ml.

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