Natura Brasil Kaiak, Kaiak Aventura (2009) {New Perfumes} {Men's Cologne}

Kaiak-2.jpgBrazilian beauty and perfume brand Natura Brasil have released two new perfumes for men called Kaiak and Kaiak Aventura.

"With their rich and seductive fragrances and their radiant personalities {who was the advertising genius who first came up with this kind of line?}, the two Kaiak perfumes are an invitation for urban men to be on the move." (My translation).

Kaiak "evokes the freshness of movement in contact with nature that nurtures the spirit." Notes of citruses, aromatics, woods.

Kaiak Aventura is said to be more peppery and woodsy, with citrusy head notes. "Kaiak Aventura keeps a fresh top note but then evokes challenges, surpassing oneself and strong sensations."

No further information on the compositions is provided at this point except that the perfumes are made of 100% biological alcohol.

Each cologne is priced at 37 €.

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  1. Como faço para comprar perfumes Kaiak aqui em Portugal?


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