Pamela Anderson Has Ideas about Perfume {Fragrant Reading} {Celebrity Perfume}

Pamela Anderson and David La Chapelle at the 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards -- Doesn't this dress look a little complicated yet almost made as if in desperation at the last minute? Is this a conceptual dress meant to express feminine angst prior to dressing up?

Pamela Anderson definitely has personal ideas about perfume. You have to hand it to her that she is not just a shallow sounding board for other people's ideas and that she does not let advisers dictate her tastes. About her upcoming Malibu scents, she said that her favorite notes are sandalwood, amber and patchouli and this is not knowledge based on recent meetings with fragrance developers, but gathered through her own familiarity with perfume since high-school. Also, did she say that her new perfume is a veritable ambrosia offered to Poseidon off the coast of California the gods of Malibu? Er, no, she says that it is "unlike a perfume" and that it "isn't too sophisticated..."

"It's fresh, but chic, inexpensive, available in drugstores! I love that the most--I worship drugstores, it's hard to get me out.

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