Robot Sprays Visitors with Blue Perfume {The 5th Sense in the News}

Can't you tell people are enjoying the fashion-forward experiment?

In an effort to grab people's attention at a trade show, an IRB 140 robot was used to move gracefully about (so they say) while spraying either visitors or a canvas with blue-tinted perfume: the unusual Wode by Boudicca (the dye disappears as the scent dries, it's like magic).

"Using the robot proved a great way of demonstrating the magic of the 'Wode' perfume," says Grace. "It took over eight years to develop this unusual product and we really wanted an unusual and quirky way of drawing people's attention to it. The unexpected nature of the perfume, coupled with the attraction of the robot, proved a great way of doing this."

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Photo credits: Armitage Pess Center


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