Le Labo City Exclusives All Available for 1 Month {Fragrance News}

gaiac-le-labo.jpgYes, you read the title right. The City Exclusives by Le Labo will be all reunited for just one month in the City of Lights Perfumes at Le Labo counters and boutiques to, I don't know, bitch about the stringent regulations that prevent them from organizing family reunions more often. This is just a colloquial way of saying that probably because the Holidays are coming and shoppers will no doubt be hesitating between several must-sniff brands, that Le Labo and Colette people wanted to do a riff on the idea of exclusivity to attract more potential customers to their fragrance counters...

For just one month, Le Labo points of sale will have the exclusive privilege of proposing a super exclusive line-up and you won't need to bribe anyone in Dallas or Tokyo anymore. The perfumes are available only in the store and barred from online selling (at Colette at least).

In Paris at Colette, there are only 25 bottles available of each exclusive though: "You will discover Poivre 23 from London, Aldehyde 44 from Dallas, Musc 25 from L.A., Gaiac 10 from Tokyo and Tubereuse 40 from New York (and of course Paris with its Vanille 44)"

I realize I used the word "only" several times, but that's what exclusivity is all about.

Too bad they didn't think some people might be even more excited with a collection of minis.

But would that have been exclusive enough?

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  1. This isn't exclusive to only colette. It's all Le Labo shops. I called the NY Barneys to place an order for Poivre 23 and Vanille 44.


    • Thanks for the precision and congrats on your new purchases!

      Chant Wagner

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