Sisley Eau du Soir Limited Edition for the Holidays {New Flacon 2009}

Eau-du-soir-corail-B.jpgSisley launched a limited-edition bottle of their classic Eau du Soir (1990) for the Holidays 09. It is now all decked in vivid turquoise and coral with the cap imitating a sculptured branch of red coral. The flacon looks even better in person plus one can appreciate the fact that the bottle now being light-proof can be left on a dresser without having to worry about perfume spoilage.

Eau du Soir is a classic chypre fragrance. I realized after smelling it from the cap recently that it smells especially good when fresh, i.e., with the citrus notes nice and sparkly.

It might stand a chance after all compared to the newer Soir de Lune (2006) which I felt had upped the sophistication factor compared to its predecessor (and my vintage-y incarnation of it with the citrus notes suffering a bit from exhaustion.)

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