Win a Set of 3 Filles des Iles Perfume Oils {Contests & Giveaways}


I just spotted and got ahold of a set of adorable roller-balls for 3 of the Filles des Iles Paris (Island Girls) perfumes now available in cigarette packs. The perfume oils are all variations on the tropical floral theme and were all composed by well-known perfumers. In other words, these are not your run-of-the-mill tropical oils.They all smell a bit nectar-like. Your chance to win an (unopened) trio of 10 ml purse perfumes.

Floral Exotic/ Floral Exotique was composed by Anne Flipo.

Golden Floral/ Floral Solaire was created by Céline Ellena

Sensual Floral/ Floral Sensuel was done by Marion Fabre

Tell us what are some of your favorite perfume oils, as opposed to alcohol-based scents, and you'll be automatically entered in the contest. Or alternatively the ones you've heard of and would most like to try (but haven't come around to yet). I'm looking forward to your recommendations!

Contest ends on Monday November 2, 2009 at 6 am Eastern Time. Winning entry announced the same day.


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  1. My best perfume oil is Angel by TM and everything tuberose (I mean oils). Thanks for entering me in the drawing.


    • I've never tried the Angel oil, but you make me want to. Saw on Nordstrom that it's been technically improved thanks to the "innovative Intense Diffusion System (IDS® technology)."

      Chant Wagner
  2. Kuumba Made oils are fantastic. Especially the Pikake and ambers. Please enter me in the draw.

  3. I like Auric Blends oils, especially Egyptian Goddess, and some BPAL oils.

    Jennifer G
  4. I love perfume oils so much. My favorite was fragrance "WILD MUSK" Coty.I love oriental fragrances and vanilla smell and every fragrance with plum.For me every women oils have beautiful smell.

    Anna Gonstaw
  5. The best perfume oil ever is Homage Attar from Amouage... at least I assume it's a perfume oil. It's too expensive to buy, of course. I got a tiny little sample, but have never forgotten it.

    • You know, I have a tiny sample of it somewhere as well and I have not tested it yet! Must dig that sample out. If it's very concentrated it could still be a comparative bargain. In the old days, there existed perfumes that literally lasted for days on. Apply it to your leather items, your scarf, your coat, and you're set for it to last several weeks possibly.

      Chant Wagner
  6. O, I *love* the Black Phoenix Oils!

    • G,

      They have so many, it would be helpful to know which ones you absolutely can't live without :) Or maybe it's impossible to decide really

      Chant Wagner
  7. I'm so new to perfume, that I haven't tried any name brand perfume oil. I do, however, own a few indie perfume oils, and I love how they stick to your skin more. I feel like the perfume is a more intimate experience that way.

    I'm taking notes of all of these recommendations in the comments, and going to try to find samples now!

    • Tammy,

      Perfume oils behave more like extraits (ex-tre, as in Trevor), the highest concentration of perfume available.

      You made me remember that I've always wanted to try Youth-Dew (bath) oil which is actually traditionally used on the skin and is the favorite version of the perfume for many people. I had dithered because I wanted to find a vintage version first. Just got it!

      Chant Wagner
  8. i agree - Kuumba Made amber paste is divine! thick, sticky, resinous tree sap. incredibly concentrated. heavenly.

    • Caroline,

      That's how I remember it, a toothpick could stand in it.

      Chant Wagner
  9. I really like Red Flower organic's Guaiac. I'd love to try more! Please enter me in the drawing.

    • DianaWR,

      Just checked: want to try it. And the perfume oil is much more affordable than the parfum concentrate, which is a good thing.

      Chant Wagner
  10. The only two oils that i have are Khiels "coriander" and "vanilla" I love them both... by themselves or together or as a base for layering...and very easy to carry around. The no alcohol helps with sensitive,dry skin.. I really would love to sample these florals. Thanks for your reviews/information ( I have been reading your blog for years) and for your consideration

    Laurian Greenstein
    • Laurian,

      Sounds great. Thanks for reading the blog!

      Perfume oils work best on dry skins (and winter skins), that's a good point.

      BTW, random thought: I need to have a threaded-comment device so that it's easier to converse.

      Chant Wagner
  11. Some oils I love: Sharon Bolton's Dream and Soul, Melissa Flaggs 1965 and Clowncake, Pilar and Lucys EFOS, Theme Fragrances' Sarong. Hell, even Auric Blends Black Coconut and One Love. I guess anything that smells like it would be perfect on a dessert Island! Please enter me!!!

  12. What a great offer! Thanks, Marie-Helene! There's an Angel perfume oil? Wow! Would love to try that one. Only oil I've ever used - the one mentioned by Jennifer G above - Coty Wild Musk! Funny story - of all the perfumes I owned (as a perfumista, I have many), Coty Wild Musk (the least expensive of the bunch) was the only scent a former boyfriend of mine went crazy over. He loved it!

  13. I have a few perfume oils from the Body Shop, as well as Kai perfume oil. Of the Body Shop scents, I like Woody Sandalwood and Cinnamon Spice the best. Cinnamon Spice is discontinued, but I bought one on ebay for pretty cheap. Please enter me!

  14. Zibeline's Oil of Venus, and Houbigant's Ambergris Oil! A tiny mini of the latter just sold on eBay for $111!

    • Yesterdaysperfumes,

      You don't say! Keeping in tune with the ingredient theme, it feels like it's as rare as a white whale!

      Chant Wagner
  15. I've only ever tried The Body Shop's perfume oils - definitely love Vanilla, Strawberry and White Musk!

  16. Another vote for the Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory work.

  17. I have only tried the oils of Attar Bazaar and really like some of them. Please add me to the draw.

  18. Like many others here, I'm not as familiar with the perfume oils although I've spent some time trying to figure out what to try at BPAL. I recently purchased Lisa Hoffman's Madagascar Orchid and really like it--I'm not sure if it is a true oil? I'll need enlightening on that point, but I'd love to try these!


    • You know, I was supposed to get some of their oils, but that project fell through the cracks. What I mean by perfume oil here is just perfume carried by jojoba oil, say, the most common oil scent carrier, as opposed to alcohol. If the fragrance leaves an oily trace on your skin (not too oily I hope), then it would be a perfume oil.

      Chant Wagner
  19. I've read so much about Kai perfume oil, so i really wanna try it

    Kat c.

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