Rochas Have a New Website, with Notes on Madame Rochas & Femme Concentrations {Fragrance News}


Rochas have finally set up their new website at showcasing their perfume collections.

The design pays homage to the signature Rochas lace that appeared on the perfume packaging of Femme. The contents feature the commentary of in-house perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez.

One notes that sadly Madame Rochas and Femme are now officially only listed in Eau de Toilette concentrations, not their best incarnations....

They are significantly more interesting in Eau de Parfum concentrations, enough so to warrant producing them preferably in those more highly concentrated versions. To me, it makes all the difference between wanting to purchase them or leaving them on the perfumery shelf and going to look online for the remaining flacons of EDPs.

Perhaps it is just an au revoir and not an adieu.

The website has a succint and non-exhaustive historical section called Historical Lines which may turn potentially into an archival resource for future launches. Fragrance brands with a historical legacy always have that option and in the recent years, there has been a movement going in this direction with Givenchy Les Parfums Mythiques, Guerlain Les Parisiennes, Aramis Gentleman's Collection. I am sure I must be forgetting others.

Here is a review of one of the historical perfumes, La Rose composed by Edmond Roudnitska.

Other Rochas perfumes that are not listed are: Chiffon (1946), Poupée (1946), which had a modern version, L'Eau de Verveine (1948), Lumière, Tocadilly, Byzantine etc.

If you see anything from Rochas that you would like to see brought back to life, I think that the Historical Lines section is an invitation to email them about it.

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