Editions de Parfums Opens in Manhattan {Fragrance News} {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


Two years ago, an informed rumor surfaced on the internet via the fashionweekdaily.com announcing that Frederic Malle of Editions de Parfums was hunting for a store in New York City. The new boutique is now open. It is  "...a 900-square-foot space located at 898 Madison Avenue at 72nd Street, in Manhattan."

Malle reportedly had had his eye on the building since his days as an arts student at New York City University, with an impression filed away under a tag saying something like "great building!"...

The decor by designer Patrick Naggar is meant to feel homey, and it feels that way judging from the photography. I can even spy a collapsible wooden escabeau that feels very much like it belongs to the practical arsenal of an apartment in Paris. The palette of colors is intriguingly classic-bourgeois except for the coral red couch.

The whole style feels less contemporary-art-gallery and edgy than is found in the Paris boutiques and much more like a peek into a certain style of Paris apartment of the conservative bourgeoisie. Think for example of the living room set in Belle de Jour, the movie by Bunuel.

The reported source of inspiration is the late 20s -mid-Thirties Art Deco period.


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