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As I already remarked in 2007, there is a sub-branch of the celebrities fragrances business that is that of the dead-celebrity perfume. Now My DNA Fragrance which specializes in harvesting your DNA to propose custom-tailored scents replicating your pheromones has taken an even bolder step after POTUS 1600. It has now turned to the slightly lugubrious idea of creating perfumes based on the DNA of dead celebrities. The tag line is "ENGINEERED from the DNA of some of the most recognized Celebrities and Famous people in the world." ...

The brand has partnered with the foremost authority on and collector of dead illustrious persons' hair, not that there must be a ton of such collectors attracted to the weird and the bizarre, nor that much hair around. John Reznikoff has the distinction of having earned the title of "pre-eminent hair collector"

"My DNA Fragrance has analyzed Reznikoff's private collection of celebrity hair and has engineered exclusive fragrances of each one.

Reznikoff was an expert witness for the US Justice Department and has aided the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. He has appeared on The Wall Street Journal Video Channel, CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, ABC Nightline, and Good Morning America and has written for nationally circulated magazines. Reznikoff has the largest authenticated hair collection of famous people in the world."

His collection is impressive. You can watch a video showcasing it here,

My DNA Fragrance has released 6 fragrances so far. IQ based on Einstein's DNA, Entrance on Joan Crawford
's, Monarch on Katherine Hepburn's, M on Michael Jackson's, Marilyn on Marilyn Monroe's and Blue Suede on Elvis Presley's.

The Boston Phoenix opposes a healthy dose of skepticism to this endeavor by calling on the expertise of a professor of human genetics at BU, Richard H. Myers. You can read the article here.

Each perfume is priced at $59,99 and available here.

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