Marlene Dietrich Parfums Grès Collection: More Info on the Cult of the Dead {New Perfumes} {Scented Images}

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We previously reported on the new collection by Grès which features a trio of perfumes dedicated to the memory of Marlene Dietrich. They illustrate yet another sub-category of celebs fragrances (see also WAGs' fragrances), the posthumous celebrity fragrances, also an angle explored by the new Dior Passage collection which combines homages to living and dead celebrities.

If we were wondering whether perfume has become completely separated from its religious roots, the answer would be a resounding "No". Just like incense used to be burned to deities and unfurl in the sky to communicate with the divine in ancient times, perfume flacons are now more than ever being filled with juices that waft more or less subtly towards a pantheon of celebrities who have passed away...

We foresee the advent of a new type of business, the commemorative perfume ordered by families who want to reconnect with their former loved ones through the sense of smell by blending together some of their once-known-to-be favorite smells. Or alternatively, they could blend their own favorite smells experienced near their loved ones as in the case of L'Air de Rien by Miller Harris.

The new information is about the perfumers who composed the scents and the advert. According to Cosmetic News,

"Both My Dream and My Passion are florals, created respectively by Jean-Christophe Herault (Fragrance Resources) and Sidonie Lancesseur (Robertet), while My Life is a chypre composed by Marie Salamagne (Firmenich)."

(Source: Cosmetic News)

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