New Serenascent is Undetectable but Relieves Stress & Anxiety {Fragrance News}

Grass-Box.jpgA team led by Dr. Nick Lavidis from Queensland University Australia has developed a scent that smells of cut grass at higher doses but is virtually undetectable by the nose at lower levels yet impacts the functioning of the brain to relieve stress and anxiety symptoms.

Serenascent " a mixture of hexanals, hexenols and pinenes in very specific ratios." It was tested on animals to positive effects and will be first launched as a room spray that can be applied to clothing and bedding...

According to their website,

"SerenaScent is a mixture of plant derived aromas that have been shown through scientific testing to produce a calm, serene and relaxing effect. Tests have shown that it is effective at reducing the bad effects of prolonged stress. It has a pleasant aroma of freshly cut lawn or a walk through a lush forest. "

The perfume does not perform on the more common associative level by triggering escapist, affective and hopefully happy memories but by activating the limbic system.

The researchers see huge potentials as the Serenascent formula can be incorporated to all sorts of toiletries and beauty products without impacting the formulae of the perfumes themselves.

The brand will soon ship outside of Australia.

Via Cosmetics Design

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