Parfums Corolle Cerise, Fleur, Rose, Vanille (2009): Playing Dress-up with a Perfume Bottle {New Perfumes}

Miss-Corolle-Cerise-2.jpgParfums Corolle which are developed by the Millenium Essence Company just launched a collection of perfumes for children, little girls in fact, whose bottles can be used to play dress-up as with a doll. The flacons which proved to be challenging to design are signed by a famous name, Serge Mansau. The technical realization was entrusted to Pochet.

"Serge Mansau's key idea was to create the shape of a little girl embossed on the bottle, a shape that little users can dress up in different outfits, just like they do with their Corolle dolls."...


Each of the four fragrances comes either in a bottle or in a package with a doll besides the flacon plus three changes of clothes. The scents are called Cerise (Cherry), Fleur (Flower), Rose, Vanille (Vanilla).

In a cute twist on the theory of hair color being a predictor of the kind of perfume one ought to wear, the dolls are raven, chestnut, blond and red-haired.

Kids' perfumes reportedly represent 1% of the market in value, 2% in volume and are particularly strong in travel retail for psychological reasons which encourage parents to purchase "guilt gifts".

Premium Beauty News: Parfums Corolle: Designs for Little Emperors

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