Twilight Beauty Volturi Reign Scented Body Mists (2009) {New Perfumes} {Beauty & Olfaction}

Inspired by the Twilight movies comes the label Twilight Beauty. Mostly the items in both the Luna Twilight and the Volturi Twilight collections created by the brand are beauty products. But in the latter library a series of four colored shimmering body mists were issued which are scented...

There was a controversy at the beginning of this year surrounding the launch of the Twilight movie perfume based on freesia and lavender because the flacon it used was a faithful replica of Nina Ricci Nina (I have no idea how they thought this could fly). The red-apple shape was meant to echo the design of the book cover but did so in such a way as to look like an infringement upon Nina Ricci's copyrights (top left of the picture). At any rate, this scent is sold out and these body mists would now be your only chance to channel Twilight via perfume.

"Beautifully colored shimmering scents to awaken your senses and those around you

Available in four scents:

Forbidden Fruit- woodsy fresh and fruity
Bella - warm, delicate vanilla
Wicked - Spicy cinnamon delight
Romance - Fresh flowers"

Priced at $18, available at

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  1. Oh ye gods, MAKE IT STOP.

    Um, isn't Bella supposed to smell like freesia rather than vanilla? And I'm a little bit puzzled as to why this line is named for the bad guys. Oy.


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