Tantrum 911: a Soothing Blend for Tots on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown {Fragrance News}

Tantrum-911.jpgA new aromatherapy product called Tantrum 911 has been introduced to help rescue your kids from their meltdowns and salvage your "nerves" at the same time. The website advertises notes of strawberry, banana and spices and promises that the scent,"Gently settle uncontrollable tantrums, drug-free, using only the sense of smell." ...

The research rests on the findings that first of all the sheer act of stopping to smell may help, "..smelling causes the brain to interrupt all of its conscious activities for a split second and to reorganize all disordered activity," and second, that smelling an enjoyable scent will trigger the production of Dopamine, the chemical responsible for the production of a good disposition.

However, an article which investigated the topic came up with conflicting reports. The parents seem to be happy with the results but the experts say it's not the best solution.

"From an attachment perspective, it's a critical role for the parent to help children learn how to calm down, and the parent is really essential in that, not a bottle of oil,"

abc4.com: Investigating Tantrum 911

Here's a video showing the effects of Tantrum 911,

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