Perfume Meetup in the Toronto Area on November 28, 2009 {Fragrance News}

Daniel Joffe, a Basenoter, has organized a fragrance meetup in the Toronto area. Here are the deets for readers who would like to attend:

"Date: Saturday November 28th, 2009

Location: Noor Boutique, Yorkville 

Time: Let's aim to meet at noon (12:00) for a couple of hours. We can stay there, or walk around to some other nearby locations. In the area are various boutiques (Chanel, Geurlain, Hermes) and some other stores like Andrew's and Holt's... Let's see how things go and decide at the time.

To Bring: Yourself, an open mind, maybe some cash, your significant others, and any books, samples, etc "

For more info, contact danieljoffe at gmail dot com

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  1. Hey All,
    Nice meeting you guys last time. We're planning another meetup for early April. I'll make sure the details get posted on a few of these blogs as well (usually just BaseNotes).
    you can always PM me (Master-Classter) on Basenotes.


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