LL Bean Personalized Ice-Cream Bowls for Red Heads, Blonds, Dark & Light Complexions Etc. {Beauty Notes}



I was browsing the LL Bean catalog when, lo and behold, my eye caught sight of a pair of bowls that initially attracted my attention because they look like an American adaptation of the personalized bowls found in Brittany, France in the Quimper region. Kids love those and especially to see their first names on them. They look like the picture below which is the traditional model for the "bol à prénom breton."



The LL Bean ice-cream bowls reveal the lineage in the color pattern and especially the way the rim is decorated with sponged blue color, and of course the idea of having your name painted on the ceramic...



But then, I realized that these cute ice-cream bowls go further than the eye meet. They wish to be veritable social statements about diversity in America and the different colors that beauty can have.

Going further than the French idea of having your name on a bowl next to a folkloric figure, they offer the image of a kid that can be made to look more like the proprietor of the bowl.


Just like children books have been featuring more and more a variegated image of what kids look like in reality out of the books' pages, or just like the Harry Potter franchise insistence on multiethnicity, or Disneyland coming up with an African-American princess called Tiana these Holidays, LL Bean is offering bowls that can be customized to better reflect who your kid is.


You are invited to pick your hair color: black, blonde, brunette, red and your skin color, dark or light.  The options are not limitless but they do offer flexibility. So there you go, your ice-cream bowl can become a familiar reflection and not forget how you look like, roughly speaking.

Customers' reviews rave about the quality of the bowls and it looks like adults have adopted them too: just write Mom, Dad, Beauty Junkie, Perfume Addict etc.

"About This Item

Our fun 20 oz. stoneware bowl holds up to 15 characters, including spaces. Sponged blue rim. Choose hair color (black, brunette, blonde or red) and skin color (light or dark).

Imported (finished in the USA). Dishwasher safe.

Please note: Our online order system cannot accommodate words such as "McCosh" that require a capital letter somewhere other than the first letter. If you would like personalization of this type, please order both the item and the personalization by phone."


A bowl is priced at $19,50 and takes 4 to 5 weeks to order. Right on time for Christmas.

In France, you can order a Brittany bowl in 7 days on cadeaux.com from 7,90€.


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  1. Thank you so much for this information! I've just ordered my bowls.


    • They sound sturdy, don't they? Such conversation pieces too.

      Chant Wagner

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