Michael Todd Swingle (2010): Whichever Way You Swing {New Perfume}

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I wanted to present these perfumes to you because I find it so interesting that perfume is more that an assemblage of aromatic drops but reflects the preoccupations of society as well. Here the main distinguishing feature calling our attention is that Michael Todd has thought about all the sexes, or nearly so...

Right in time for Valentine's Day 2010, Michael Todd Cosmetics will launch a collection of four pheromone-laden perfumes in February called Swingle. It's for singles, clearly, and adds the public-notice tag line "Wichever Way You SWING" emphasis put on "swing."

"Imagine perfumes designed with the laws of attraction in mind. The goal of Swingle is to get noticed, as Michael Todd describes, whichever way you swing."..

"swingle fragrances are an incredibly seductive blend of essential oils and fragrances plus pheromones, the natural scent of sexual attraction.
Pick the swingle that's right for you and go for it...

The idea behind this project is apparently to provide perfume-wearers with the right wavelengths of attractants or pheromones according to four possible patterns: "WSW MSW WSM MSM". It reads as one gender seeking another or same gender.

Bisexuals were unfairly ostracized and are required to purchase two different bottles.

For some reason, perfume notes are provided only for the WSM scent...because they are the only ones who care about this kind of maudlin details? Are perfume notes seen as the Arlequin literature of the perfume world?

Woman Seeking Man has notes of French roses, melon, peach, pear, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Men buyers of Man Seeking Woman couldn't care less what the perfumers threw into the bottle, it works:

"Eyes meet eyes.
Skin touches skin. 
This is the Right time... Right place.
It's Now.

swingle says what's on your mind.
Draws you in...

That scent. What is it about that scent?
I want it.

I want you

The ad copy for Woman Seeking Woman is particularly "wild",

"I was sitting by myself, minding my own business
When four women walk by...back up...surround me and start sniffing.
I now know what it's like to be surrounded by wild animals.
They put their hands on me and sniffed me deeply by my ears and neck
And they had a hungry, hungry look in their eyes.
I knew I could be with any of them...or all of them, if I was so inclined.

swingle...I knew I had a winner perfume on my hands."

The ad copy for Man Seeking Man sounds exactly like what a gay guy wants to hear from another and get from his bottle of perfume,

"I'm pretty direct: you can Talk to me abOut anything, Pretty much any time, no scheduling conversations, no judging the right moments. Life's too short. I'm what you see you get. Basically I'm looking for a sOlid guy who can handle the sTuff That cOMes up in life, hold his own, and hang in for the long haul. Vanilla typE oR a beaSt, doesn't matter."

Each perfume is available for $59.

This annoucement does not constitute an endorsement of the effects described by the brand and is here for informational purposes only.

Available at michaeltoddcosmetics.com


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