Cacharel Les Jellies (2010) {Fragrance News - New Flacons}

Cacharel will launch from April 2010 a collection of five limited-edition, petite-sized versions of Anais Anais, Noa, Amor Amor, Amor Amor Tentation and Scarlett in 20 ml bottles made to resemble candy canes. Each perfume is petite-priced also, at 20€...


This follows a trend which has been particularly prolific in the US, no doubt in part due to the recession, of purse-sized perfume bottles. Aside from the recession, perfumistas in general appreciate being able to buy smaller sized bottles because you can buy more variety and your fragrance keeps fresh.

In Paris, Calvin Klein recently proposed 15 ml bottles of CKOne at 10 € in vending machines and at Sephora.

I have to say that the concept behind Les Jellies collection makes me think quite a bit of that for Donna Karan DKNY Delicious Candy Apples. I am not trying to drive any nail in any coffin but I will have to add that the bottles of Les Jellies seem also very close to Aquolina Pink Sugar.

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