Dior in Burned Wood Chic {Perfume Images and Adverts}

dior_burned_wood.jpgDesigner Dzmitry Samal is proposing that we take a look at his new design: a bottle of Dior men's perfume dressed with a "Burned Wood Chic" outfit/casing.

The "burned" part makes me think of the design for the fragrance Nasomatto Black Afgano, but the charring here has been amplified and made to look sculptural rather than just textural. The "wood" part evokes the wooden or rather woodsy-looking limited-edition flacons for Issey Miyake L'Eau. The design is not original but it looks like it must have overcome a number of technical difficulties making it a more complex and perfected application of the same idea.

If I receive news of a third charred-wood perfume bottle, I'll have to call it a trend...

dior_burned-wood-2.jpg Samal Design is a Paris-based studio,

"The bottle of men's fragrance for Dior, realized with using of semi-burned wood, covered with resin to protect and to boost structure.

The combination between the texture of burned wood, shinny metal and transparency of the glass create very rich and unexpectable mix, which underline the value and positioning of the brand.

the back side of the bottle is transparent which helps to check the rest quantity of a perfume,
The capacity is 100ml"

Via press release by Samal Design

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