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Initially reported by Dossier Journal who got the scoop thanks to in-the-field alertness walking by Moto in Brooklyn, it is now confirmed that the greatest amongst the greats Martin Scorsese will apply some or all of his genius to the new Chanel men's fragrance ad to debut in September 2010.  Chanel have reportedly been pursuing this particular collaboration for quite some time.

Andrea d'Avack president of Chanel Fragrance and Beauté invoked the French notion of "supplément d'âme" (an intangible quality which literally translates as supplement of soul) to explain their constant policy to recruit great movie directors to film their perfume commercials... According to WWD,

"Chanel has a tradition several decades long of working with the most prominent movie directors in the world," D'Avack said. "To work with Martin Scorsese, who is one of the best, if not the best movie director alive today, is a privilege Chanel has been seeking for quite some time.

"Chanel works with movie directors because they bring depth, emotion and what we call in French 'a supplement of soul,' or an added dimension,"

French actor Gaspard Ulliel and Canadian model Ingrid Schram were reportedly hand-picked by Karl Lagerfeld to play in the short film according to L'Express. Ulliel is an habitué at the Chanel fashion shows due to his personal relationship with PR staff member Jordane Crantell, also a model.

The ad was filmed in New York City to mesh in with Scorsese's universe. One of the scenes takes place in the NYC subway, besides the Moto location already alluded to above.

If we are to wildly speculate based on the lighting of the picture that was released to media where Scorsese and Ulliel are bathed in a nocturnal blue electric light, we could always try to guess and expect to see a...dark scent?

Added Feb 17, 2010: According to the press release,

"CHANEL is proud to announce that Academy Award winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese will direct the broadcast advertising campaign for their new men's fragrance. French actor and rising international star, Gaspard Ulliel, is the face of the new line and will be featured in the ads. The new CHANEL men's fragrance will be launched worldwide in September 2010."

   In the past, Martin Scorsese shot and played in Amex commercials like this one,


In related news, Scorsese is set to release his latest movie entitled Shutter Island on February 19th, 2010. Trailer below,

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