Etat Libre d'Orange Creates Advertising Visual for Tilda Swinton Scent {Perfume Ads} {Fragrance News}

It is not in the habit of a confidential niche perfume house to devote much time, energy, and finances to setting up an advertising campaign. More often than not their motto seems to be: the jus, only the jus! Niche perfumery bottles, for proof, seem to take pride in their minimalism, which does not mean necessarily that they come cheap, but they usually remain imperturbably the same throughout the launches of different creations thus saving funds on the bottle designing front.

In the case however of the upcoming Like This by Tilda Swinton / Etat Libre d'Orange which launches this weekend in Paris, the label decided to take exception to this art-for-art rule of thumb and feature the actress to create a visual impact...
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It is arguably hard to resist the cinematic quality of Tilda Swinton hailing from Scotland and now a Hollywood star, albeit one whose aura still shines in the more difficult, underground portion of this set.

We were told that Tilda Swinton prefers to keep the launch somewhat underground and discreet thinking it's the right kind of ambiance for the launch of her scent.

The advertising reflects this culture of the underground. In the diaphanous advertising visual shot by Katerina Jebb, Tilda Swinton seems to be leaning on a photocopying machine holding a flacon of Like This in her hand. Her flamboyant orange hair, which is reprised in the logo of the perfume, is contrasted with ghostly white skin, shirt, a stark photocopier light and surrounding darkness.

It is an advertising visual no doubt, but it makes sure not to display the usual easy and obvious glamor of perfume ads.

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